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100 Bot People To Watch #BotWatch #1

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100 people to watch in the bot space, in no order.

I’ll publish a new list once a month. This one is #1 October 2016. If you have somebody you think should be on the list, please e-mail me to [email protected]

This is my personal top 100 for people to watch in the bot space.

Let me know who you think I’m missing and please provide me with additional information!

Thanks to all the members of bots Group on Facebook who helped me curate that list.

Now let’s get straight to the point!


  1. Matt Norton (Creator; )
  2. Chris Messina ( Creator; )
  3. Fabian Beringer (Founder; ChatbotNews, ebot7, ChatbotSupport)
  4. Max Pelzner (Creator; )
  5. Jim Meadows (Creator; )
  6. Matt Schlicht (Editor; )
  7. YuHsuan Chao (Creator;
    botimize is an analytics platform for chatbot. Developers are able to track, test, and optimize their bots on it.
    The interactions between human users and bots can be very complicated, and it’s difficult for bot developers to do analytics or tests on Facebook’s platform by themselves.
    With botimize, developers are able to track performance of their bots (semantics, XAU-s, retention, conversion, demographics, etc.) and use our service to deploy version tests (e.g., A/B bot test) on Messenger. More advanced features (real-time alert, human takeover, behavioral pattern recognition) are powered by ML/NLP.
    Follow her:
  8. Thomas Schulz & Maurice Codourey (Creators; )
  9. Tom Hewitson (Writer; HelloPegg; and:
  10. Shane Mac & Giovanni Vatieri (Creator; Assist is a platform powering bots for the enterprise. Commerce and support automation. We power 1800Flowers, Fandango, Hyatt, charity: water, and more. )
  11. Sar Haribhakti (Creator;
  12. Amir Shevat (Director of Developer Relations bei Slack Technologies )
  13. Barbara Ondrisek (Creator; )
  14. Jakob Reiter (Host; BotSpotVienna )
  15. Thomas Sbt (Creator; )
  16. Luca Andreola (Creator; )
  17. Yan Georget (Founder; + Organizer Chat Bots Paris
  18. Javier Gonzales (Founder; + Organizer Chat Bots Paris
  19. Philipp Holly & Anita Boria (Creator; Swelly is the fastest way to get your friends opinion on things like #whattowear #whattobuy etc. It’s fast & fun voting mechanics grew it from 0 to 400+ users within 2 months!
  20. Peter M. Buch (Creator; & Host BotWatch )
  21. Kristian Collin Berge (Creator; Founder of EdTech Foundry, entrepreneurship lecturer at University of Oslo and building chatbots for education:
    Intro here:
    Kristian is part of the team setting up the bot community in Norway
  22. Ricardo Blumer Grobel (Creator; bot developer in Brazil and co-founder of Harlio Bots (; maker of AskRio2016 that reached more than 600 users and 10k msgs within 3 weeks + Domino’s Pizza Delivery Brazil. Creator of, a unique botlist made by brazilians for brazilians to spread this new technology to “no-tech” people.
  23. Pratik Jain (Creator; , PokemonGO Bot (
  24. Ekim Nazım Kaya Developing bots for Fortune 500 companies since 2007, most viewed writer about bots on Quora; Patent-pending self-learning bot technology, LinkedIn:
  25. Ted Livingston (Founder; kik messenger; Writer: )
  26. Parmy Olson (Writer; Forbes; )
  27. Hamid Sarafan (Creator; Tina Bot: )
  28. Deven Bhooshan (Creator MindIQ; MindIQ is a bot builder platform focused on facebook messenger. It’s a no code solution and anyone using the platform will be able to build their bots within minutes. PH :
    blog :
    website :
  29. James Campbell (Creator; )
  30. Thomas Mimi Christiane Schranz (Creator; Lemmings; )
  31. Anastasia Sartan (Creator; Epytom — Stylist )
  32. Dmitrii Dumik (Creator; )
  33. Mike Melanin (Creator; )
  34. Josh Bocanegra (Creator; Persona; )
  35. Mikael Yang (Creator;
  36. Kester Poh (Creator Askvoila; AskVoila is now powered by AiChat. His team (Matthew Low Idiotia SwyongBeven Yee) is looking forward to contributing more to the chatbot community, especially in Singapore and SEA region
  37. Eswar Priyadarshan (Creator
  38. Lauren Kunze ( )
  39. Eugenia Kuyda ( )
  40. Lili Cheng (Creator; Microsoft; )
  41. Jessica Lee (Facebook)
  42. Allison Swope (Facebook)
  43. Rachel Law & Alyx Baldwin (Creator; Kip; )
  44. Kriti Sharma director of bots at Sage, creator of and founder of messaging bots London meetup (~1000+ bot devs)
  45. Alexandra Neczliová, Sebastian Krumhausen & Juraj Pal (Creators; Sure:
  46. Farah Maamar (Creator Bly )
  47. Marc Canter (Creator; )
  48. David Marcus (Creator; Head of Messenger; )
  49. Pavel Durov (Creator; Telegram)
  50. Dmitry Matskevich Creator Icon8 (the best photo-filter bot out there)
  51. Mikhail A. Naumov from Digital Genius (best in class human+ai customer support)
  52. David Nelson from Motion AI
  53. Artyom Keydunov (Creator Statsbot )
  54. Omar Pera ( who runs the biggest newsletter about bots ( and
  55. Alyssa Ong, creator of Psydekick (featured on VentureBeat),Ahead, UoA bot,
  56. Jin Hitoshi Tanaka (Creator; )
  57. Arun Thampi Maker of both Nestor ( and Co-Founder of BotMetrics (
  58. John Griffin — the dev brains behind the open source chatbot scripting language:
  59. Syd Lawrence (Creator Hardwell; )
  60. Michael Khait &
  61. Ronak Modi Featured in Forbes —
  62. Aakanksha Gaur (Creator ShelfJoy )
  63. Schlomo Rabinowitz (Producer/Organizer at Talkabot )
  64. Bernhard Hauser (Host; )
  65. David Pichsenmeister (Host; )
  66. Yoav Barel (Host; )
  67. Eyal Yavor & Matty Mariansky (Creator Meekan; )
  68. Boaz Omanuti (Creator AskHaley;
  69. Alon Mei-Raz (Head of Product; HPE Big Data)
  70. Shira Weinberg (Sr Product Manager; Cortana, Microsoft )
  71. Mike Gozzo (Co-Founder; Smooch
  72. Mikhail Larinov (Head of Platform; Facebook Messenger)
  73. Xiaolong Zhang (Creator; WeChat)
  74. Ben Brown (Creator; Howdy)
  75. Ilya Gelfenbeyn (Creator; )
  76. Kuan Huang & Greg Leuch (Creators Poncho)
  77. Esther Crawford (Founder, Olabot )
  78. Max Sklar (Machine Learning, Foursquare )
  79. Mariya Yao (Head of Design & Engagement at TOPBOTS )
  80. Lauren Golembiewski (Creator; Voxable)
  81. David ‘DC’ Collier (Creator; RIKAI Labs)
  82. Christian Brucculeri (Creator, Snaps)
  83. Tom Hadfield (Creator
  84. Mitch Mason (Product, IBM Watson)
  85. Mark Fidelman (Contributor Forbes; )
  86. Farooq Adam (Creator )
  87. David Berkowitz (Creator) did a great overview of the best branded bots:
  88. Amit Fulay & Mark Chang (Creator; Google Allo)
  89. Jordan Singer (Creator, Wonder)
  90. Seth Louey & Mubashar “Mubs” Iqbal (Creators; )
  91. Scott Britton (Creator; Troops ( )
  92. Crystal Rose (Creator, Sensay)
  93. Daniel Ilkovich (Creator; Dexter)
  94. Bilal Aijazi‏ (Creator; Polly )
  95. Samir Diwan (Creator; Polly )
  96. Antonia Ermacora (Creator; chatShopper )
  97. Kate Myers (Creator; ShopOrNot)
  98. Abhimanyu Godara (Creator; )
  99. Pavel Doronin, (Creator;[Chatbots] Developers (Global) and and AI Today
  100. Alexander Gamanyuk (Creator; Chatbottle: )

Please note, I made this list out of my personal preferences. I think those 100 people are great and worth following. Let me know if you have anyone to add to that list or any suggestions/changes.

The list is in no order,

For more info and featured botmakers please follow BotWatch ( )

have a swell day,


magnolia100 Bot People To Watch #BotWatch #1

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