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5 disruptive Indian chatbots transforming the HR industry

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Majority of products in the HR Tech history have for long been huge and bulky HR management systems with a recent upgrade of the cloud. Studies showing correlation between an engaged workforce and a highly productive and efficient culture has encouraged progressive HR leaders around the world to utilise technology to engage their employees.

Recent surge in different areas of Artificial Intelligence like Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis have made popular the use of chatbots in softwares, websites and apps. Chatbots have become the most favoured user interface. While initially popularised only as Personal Assistants, chatbots are now disrupting many industries and revolutionising the way they function.

Let’s take a look at 5 Indian chatbots that are working hard to disrupt the HR industry and completely change the way it functions:

1. Engazify

Launched: August 2015

Engazify is an employee recognition bot that works in Slack messenger and tracks all conversations happening on Slack. It allows teams to tally the number of times a team mate has been appreciated and build a leaderboard based on the stats. It also shows a week-over-week growth in the happiness score in a weekly summary.

2. JLT Bot

Launched: June 2016

Launched in June 2016 by Ramco Systems, India based software products and services company, JLT bot claims to handle over 22 HR functions. JLT bot has integrations with popular messenger apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Messenger. It takes care of time off, pay, expenses etc. right through these messenger interfaces.

3. Amber

Launched: August 2016

“Predictive People Analytics” is completely automated from the first day of an employee’s joining to their last. Amber asks questions when they complete different milestones in their lifecycle at the company and on the basis of people’s responses, a fortnightly culture report is generated. One of the many reports highlights people who need attention and are at a risk of leaving. This effectively helps HRs reduce attrition in their company.

4. Dino

Launched: August 2016

Dino is a unique bot designed for the Slack messenger. It starts conversations with the team members by asking questions. Based on these questions, Dino generates insights and assists in making informed decisions. Teams can showcase their working and culture to the public by broadcasting their internal conversations on Slack via Dino.

5. Jinie

Launched: January 2017

HR Solutions company PeopleStrong built Jinie for their Alt messenger which acts as a 24×7 personal worklife assistant for all employees. Jinie takes care of all the queries and provides instant access to data and transactions an employee needs in their day-to-day.

While these chatbots may not be able to solve classic HR problems by themselves, they can most certainly act as a great accessory to HRs in ways never imagined before.

To see how this is happening in the real world, click here.

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