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Botsify vs Chatfuel: Which Chatbot Development Platform does Leads Collection best?

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Have you heard this popular cliché?

“Data is the new oil.”

We all want data and there’s a lot of it out there on social media. About one million messages are sent and received via Facebook Messenger every day, and a lot of them are exchanges between consumers and businesses.

Through chatbots, businesses are chatting with the consumers all the time, but are businesses collecting the data?

A number of chatbot making tools such as Chatfuel, Botsify, TypeForm,, and others have come up with an interesting feature that works much like Google Forms. Except these types of tools help you collect responses over Facebook Messenger. The user feels like chatting on Messenger whereas in reality he/she is filling a form.

We’ve analyzed two of the most popular chatbot tools, Chatfuel and Botsify, and graded them on their Forms feature. In my research, I studied several aspects of each feature, and Botsify clearly emerged as the winner.

What I Learned

  1. Chatfuel allows for very limited validation with just phone, email and number to check the user inputs for, but with Botsify you can accept and even validate user inputs for text, email, phone numbers, address and even location. So in case a business does not offer services in Middle East and a customer hailing from Middle East messages on the page, Botsify’s chatbot would let him/her know the business doesn’t operate in his/her location.
Chatfuel forms to collect data and limited field types
Botsify forms to collect data and several field types

2) Chatfuel does have some validation parameters, but apparently they are not very strong. As for instance the validation for phone numbers requires user input to be just numbers and nothing else. Whereas Botsify comes out as a winner here too because Botsify’s validation for phone numbers calls for a proper format so that all phone numbers are in same format.

Chatfuel Validation
Botsify Validation
Botsify guides for the right format

3) Botsify offers the records to be compiled and sent via email, calling of a json api or even store it in a sheet or table on Botsify dashboard. On the other hand, Chatfuel only offers the records to be compiled and sent to email.

Botsify options to collect response data or submission
Chatfuel’s Email Data Collection doesn’t tell which field is what!

We clearly have a winner in this face-off of chatbot development tools with Forms feature. Botsify outclasses Chatfuel in this regard.

The story was originally published by a user of Botsify here.

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magnoliaBotsify vs Chatfuel: Which Chatbot Development Platform does Leads Collection best?

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