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Do Chatbots Really Help You Stay Productive At Work?

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Technology is taking over the world, and chatbots are riding the wave. With social media power on digital marketing space, there has been an increased technological advancement on the power of chat bots.

The rapid rise in chatbots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is overwhelming among the tech consumers. They find it convenient to communicate with their preferred brands and companies through chatbot interactive messenger mimicking the real people’s conversations.

Offices around the world may at some point incorporate bots as part of their production function. Here we will discuss whether or not chatbots really help you stay productive at work.

Chatbots And Productivity In The Workplace

Consider a scenario where you require some help to complete a particular complex task. Take for instance work travels that require you to book flights, make hotel reservations, and call a cab. At the same time, you need to interact with some people to plan for this trip. A single bot can do this or several chatbots can do it comfortably at your office.

E-commerce support platforms have been integrated into existing social media platforms by availing products to customers upon search, or giving recommendations on tailored products on their messaging account profiles. Facebook messenger has traversed the conversational thread to include peer-to-peer payments by creating a full chatbot API. End to end customer interaction is just one click away. One can make online orders and transact via the app.

Employees in companies are assisted by chatbot software to conduct their everyday tasks. Siri or Echo software have been known to give accurate time, weather updates or order swift Uber rides. The Hello Jarvis bot, for example, is a messenger that reminds workers to get some sort of work done. The bot will remind an employee the exact time a certain task need to be done. This is done through text notification rather than voice instructions. Workers find it more convenient and efficient in their daily operations.

Human employees are provided with diverse reforms on certain procedures that are time costly and energy consuming in their executions. Companies are utilizing chatbots such as kukie to help new employees in their full training periods. Kukie bot offers free recommendations to a beginner on which tools to use or procedures to follow. This is done through a click, “ask @KukieBot” while the messenger is being updated with the necessary information.

Artificial intelligent programs and Chats bots have been used to obtain data-delivered results in call centres. They, therefore, help customer service agents solve frustrations from their customers. Therefore, instead of relying on front office desks to handle your request, you can rely on chatbot to solve some situations such as bookings and orders. The chat bot will do it with a simple text to command on the request.

Several companies hire robots that work exactly as human beings. These chatbots do not require salaries or any benefits. Also due to the complexity of machines, they are commanded to think like human beings rendering some human capital roles out of service. Through this, businesses save money, time and other resources as well as increased productivity.

The Margins For Chatbots

As for any technological invention, chatbots have come up with associated problems too. Chats bots have been known to fail to understand specific requests, as user requests do not come with a different form of the question. Turing tests exposed a limitation in this artificial intelligence. It highlighted the challenges developers will face when building chatbots and instructing computers on how to interpret the written words. Chatbots, therefore, have to be comprehensive in order to understand informal language, local jargon, and official language.

While implementing a chat bot, one needs to consider a scenario where employees need to stop and rectify a mistake committed by a chatbot. To fix this mistake, it will cost time and money for you and your worker.

The Future For Chatbots

The fast advancements in technology are a bonus for the chat bots since they will soon analyse different languages better. They will have more features and exhibit increased performance. Growth in the application of chatbots and overwhelming increase in usage is promising. Businesses will benefit from the use of chatbots and the employees to can utilise the power of bots to handle tasks swiftly. However, appropriate monitoring and enhanced learning software ought to be initiated continuously.

Clearly, chatbots have an impact on productivity levels of workers, it just depends on the business model in question.

Adam Robertson is a professional in the office furnishings industry. He works for Allard Office Furniture, an office furniture company which has 18 years of shared experience in office desks, chairs, supplies and accessories.

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