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Five things thinking #VoiceFirst can improve in any chatbot

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When we design our bots voice-first, we make even non-voice enabled bots better.

Like designing our websites mobile-first, designing our chatbots voice-first gives us a lot of benefits. Here are just a few of them:

1. It makes content a key focus

Everybody loves a friendly and funny chatbot, but if you don’t think carefully about what the key parts of your message it can be easy to lose them in amongst unnecessary detail.

The two key things we need to think about are:
– What the user really needs to know
– What the user would want to know

In a text or graphical situation the user can filter out unnecessary detail, but in a pure voice interface there is only so much information they can process and remember in one go. This makes it key to keep focus on the important stuff, and lose the fluff (even if it’s fun).

So if the user has asked what’s next on their ToDo list, you should make sure the content of that ToDo is the bulk of the message. After that you may want to think about what the user would also like to know – for instance you might call out that they have other ToDos due today.

magnoliaFive things thinking #VoiceFirst can improve in any chatbot

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