Free, easy-to-use software for Nigerian hospitals.

Why build an Electronic Medical Records

HospitalRun is a first-of-its-kind initiative, aimed at the following unique key objectives:

  1. Usability for clinicians, administrators, and even those who deploy and develop the platform,

  2. Offline-first cloud technology (meaning that it utilizes cloud infrastructure but provides full access to patient records even when the Internet is unavailable) for modules where offline access makes the most sense,

  3. A focus on meeting the business needs and requirements of developing world hospitals, and

  4. Delivering a full solution at minimal and transparent cost (ideally donated to any charitable facility that uses the platform).

Core Modules

The stuff you need to get work done.

  • Patients, including history, diagnosis, orders, and procedures
  • Outpatient Workflow
  • Operative Planning and Reporting
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Operative theatre/resource scheduling
  • Inpatient and outpatient Visit tracking
  • Consumable Inventory, including stock on hand predictive reports
  • Labs Queue (not yet integrated with an LIS)
  • Imaging Queue (not yet integrated with a PACS)
  • Medication ordering that is tied to the consumable inventory system
  • Basic billing, including handling discount profiles for charitable and discounted work
  • Incident Management, tracking quality issues within a facility
  • Partially-configurable Roles and permissions
  • User Management

Key Time-saving Features

The stuff we’re arguably most proud of.

  • Custom forms with current support for Patients, Social Work, Visits, Outpatient Reports, Labs, Incidents, Operative Plans and Reports, and Discharge Reports
  • Shortcode support, allowing common text to be “short-handed” into all text fields
  • Operative plans that become one-click operative reports
  • “Grow with you” Lookup lists: start with empty metadata, lock down your system (per metadata field) as you are ready to formalize your taxonomies
  • Google Apps authentication
  • A relatively intuitive user interface
  • Inventory-aware consumption of Medication and Supplies, helping resource-constrained environments plan to deliver only what they have available

Accessing the HospitalRun Demo Site

Go to and use any of the following credentials.



[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12


[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12

Nurse Manager

[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12

Social Worker

[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12


Hospital Administrator

[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12

Business Office

[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12

Inventory Manager

[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12

Patient Administrator

hr.patient.admin[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12


Imaging Technician

[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12

Lab Technician

[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12


[email protected]
PW: HRt3st12

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