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AI and chatbots are all the rage and as I mentioned in my recent blog, they are the thing nowadays!!! From Siri to Cortana, we all are loving it and why shouldn’t we? They help us avoid the hassles of daily tasks and allow us to do what we are really good at. People from all walks of life are accepting it and allowing artificial intelligence to help. AI is being applied in many businesses and industries and we can see it growing in a unique industry as well. Yes! a unique industry, the website building game that is ruled by WordPress and other DIY website builders but so, we are going to see some new game changers flourishing. Last month, I tried more than 20 chatbots for my another blog at VentureBeat where I had to do a random chat sessions with a few chatbots. I handpicked 4 chatbots while talking to them and the most unique one I found was a chatbot of a Startup named as It is a website builder that uses Artificial Intelligence in a conversational interface and claims to create websites. Here is an introductory video I’ve found about them on the YouTube. seems to be complete website builder that creates a website from the scratch. Though it’s just in its Pre-Launch but it’s in the news already. My personal experience in using this website builder was a good one. I tried to confuse its chatbot (RC bot) by asking weird things which is my all time favorite thing to do with chatbots *wink* but it didn’t break a sweat. No matter how many times I tried to change the topic, it dragged me back to the main thing intelligently.

I saw glimpses of AI when I talked to the RC Bot. It has color adapting themes which seems to be a wonderful technology. The theme changed according to the color of my logo. Before uploading my logo, I denied having one, It said that it’s not a problem and the logo design page was in front of me in a second. Then after uploading my logo the themes adapted its color which was a pretty cool sight. All the content featured on the template was relevant, the images were relevant as well and didn’t need cropping. To test it, simply go to their website;

The best feature of this website builder is strongly related to its name. Yes, right click. It allows you to edit your website right then and there with just a right click. This simplifies the whole process. I couldn’t record the whole video hence I am using one tutorial I found over YouTube.

The simplification is pretty rare in DIY website-builders they used this pitch that “Wordpress is complicated” but the irony is… That they are way more complicated than WordPress. All the problems that users face with DIY website builder are their admin panels. When you create a post all the control is there. Drag and Drop model have received criticism as well. These new startups using AI in making website including have this pitch of simplifying the process and give the right amount of control in user’s hand.

However, after trying other startups similar to (Heek, weps and TheGrid) I have come to this conclusion that their chatbots are not as good as rightclick’s because the script they use is not really human-like. If the Heek bot asks you about your name and you say Hello instead, it will keep calling you hello the whole time and also asks you a few close-ended questions with no liberty to chat around. chatbot is intelligent as compared to the other ones because of the real conversational interface and flow.

Chatting with GetWeps Bot.

I am genuinely looking forward for more startups in the same industry that will use original AI-powered chatbots to get the task done unlike those that asks you to fill a questionnaire and user gets no experience of AI. Uses AI-Powered Chatbot to Create a Website

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