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The Invasion Of Chatbots In HR

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There is a high possibility that the next time you’re hired at a new job, you might be getting your initial information about payroll, vacations, expenses, and other HR related thing from a chat bot instead of another employee.

The underlying reason for this change is, chatbots are becoming popular in the HR area and are replacing humans in ‘Human Resource’ a bit ironic, isn’t it? Chat bots are the much-hyped future of the internet. If you ever liked R2-D2 or wished you had your own C-3PO from Star Wars Franchise, your dreams aren’t too far ahead. Chat bots, though, had a rough start in the consumer world but they are proving to be extremely popular in the HR world. Millions of workers are already interacting with the chat bots in groups such as Slack and Hip Chat.

The makers believe that this will make internal communications between the employees, faster, easier, and money saving.

Chatbots come in different varieties, they range from simple to sophisticated, they’re becoming wildly popular by taking on the mundane tasks that make a difference in economy, and HR.

The future of Human Resource is totally going to move towards the Chatbots. Let’s take a look at how Chatbots are conquering the HR area.
Instant Connection with HR via Mobile Devices:

Millennials love instant messaging more than they love ordering things from the comfort of their home (maybe not more, but equally!). It is such a common thing to send messages during the working hours.

This is where Chatbots can make a difference and help the employees with any HR related issues. They can be constantly connected through their mobile devices. If you have ever used a Chatbot you know that you can send them a message and receive an appropriate response right away.

Today, we heavily rely on our mobile phones, we do everything from our mobile devices and stay connected 24/7. Chatbots can be useful in that arena and help the employees that work remotely and can’t have direct access to HR. They make communication faster and easier without a doubt.

Provide Quick and Customized Answers

Job seekers and employees both have limited time when they’re looking for answers. Potential applicant needs instant answers to questions about the company and Chat-bots can easily provide that in a jiffy with the help of Q&A feature in them. Thanks to the recent advancements in our technology Chatbots can provide quick and customized answers to all your problems.

Annual Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews appear to be the most important as well as, a difficult part of an HR manager’s job description. This process is time-consuming as organizations spend months conducting reviews of all the employees. All the employees are required to fill questionnaires, surveys, and long forms at the end of the year. And yet, the date collected is not effective most of the times. Also, the productivity of an organization slows down during this process since the workforce is occupied in filling out questionnaires instead of focusing on the tasks.

However, with the help of Chatbots, these issues can be solved in no time. The use of bots in HR helps to accumulate precise data from employees; it saves time and ultimately results in increasing the productivity.
Faster employee decisions:

HR teams usually send out an overwhelming load of information. Due to the load of work, the employees usually forget to answer important questions that are needed in the future.

Instead of remembering everything at once, an HR chat bot will answer the questions in real time, which results in faster decision making for the employees.

There will be questions that the bot won’t be able to answer instantly. However, the HR bots are trained to answer common questions such as, “When do we get paid?” this feature helps the HR team to work on more urgent and strategic issues.

Collect Employee Data To Create More Efficient Processes

Chatbots have far more functions than just answering questions. They can be used to gather employee date and make informed decisions to create more efficient processes.

Chatbots collect real-time analysis to see what kind of questions employees ask frequently. By collecting the frequently asked question, HR can determine what’s going wrong. And HR can solve the issue before things get out of hand. HR teams could use the employee data to run sentiment analysis to learn the satisfaction rates of their employees.

HR can also collect date via chatbots by asking for small pieces of information to complete an employee form instead of giving it to the employee. A chatbot can ask questions on daily basis and it can be completed within a month.

The Verdict

We can all agree that chatbots are quite useful; however, they aren’t as intelligent as we’d like them to be and it’s not too bad since they’re still new and can always be modified with the help of artificial intelligence. Nonetheless, the use of chatbots is easy and time-saving; if they reach up to their potential they can be very effective in the field of HR as well as, other areas of mundane life.

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Source: Chatbots Magazine

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