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Why Businesses will consider Chatbots

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It is all about expectations

Just in case it sounds easy to introduce chatbots and individuals are already waiting for them, you are definitely wrong. We are at the very beginning, as well as the launch of Apple App Store. Since we are far away from maturity phase there is a lot of workload waiting for all stakeholders. In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges for businesses are user expectations. Nowadays, people often start interactions with brands because of complaints or some other kind of dissatisfaction. Keep that in mind while creating concepts with brands and businesses. Chatbots are very useful for recurring processes like providing information. Enterprise has to be crystal clear what users have to expect when starting conversation with a bot. I will show you some — in my opinion — good examples of first mover.

First Mover


I really like the clear announcements. The buttons give me the feeling that it is up to me. It is as simple as that.


One of the most comfortable ways to stick with your favorite team. I love those easy settings. Within 2 words you are ready to go.


It took me just seconds to understand what to do. Left, right or skip. They call it: “Life’s swell” and that’s true.

magnoliaWhy Businesses will consider Chatbots

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