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Why does your company need a Facebook bot?

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Traditional apps are slowly dying. It’s a bold statement, but with the increased size of apps and the hassle of downloading them, using up precious phone space — users are leaning towards interacting with websites and brands within the apps they already have. Facebook Messenger has reached 1.2 billion users — and you should adapt your online strategy to be where the users are.

There’s quite a lot of ways to make a positive return on the KPI’s on Facebook. Whether it is revenue, customer satisfaction or a third option. A Facebook bot is known to be a great tool to engage the users. This post will tell you why.

But first, a bit of info on Facebook and chatbots.


A chatbot, is an app that uses a conversational user interface. The conversation logic is powered by an Artificial Intelligence platform such as IBM Watson. You could compare a chatbot to Siri or Alexa, except a chatbot will be able to retain the conversation context, where as Siri is solely Q&A. This means that your bot will be able to ‘remember’ things the user has said previously in the conversation in order to make the conversation natural.

When your user writes a message to your bot, the AI processes the intent of the message and the details provided, and the bot responds with an answer that is unlocked by those specific details.


A Facebook Messenger Bot, is a chatbot that lives within Facebook Messenger. The bot’s interface and design is familiar to the user, because it looks exactly like a conversation with a facebook friend.

Possibilities with a Facebook Bot — ForkChoice Messenger Bot

In addition to the conversation, Facebook Messenger bots can use buttons to make the experience user friendly by making it easy to navigate. It is also possible to use in-app views of websites, which can be used to make in-app purchases and much more — all without leaving Messenger.


Yes, Facebook is very interested in assisting and in the popularity of Facebook bots. They are constantly adding in new features, including the latest addition: being able to add chatbots directly into conversations with your friends.


There are 100.000 active Facebook bots — and the number is growing rapidly.

Sephora saw an 11% increase in booked makeup session when directing people to their Facebook bot.

Rogers reported a 60% increase in customer satisfaction when implementing a Facebook support bot.

In the Ubisend 2016 messaging report, it was surveyed that over 50% of users prefer communicating through a chat interface.

The same report concluded the following:

Over 50% of people surveyed said it is important for a business to be available, contactable and responding promptly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over 60% of consumers believe businesses should be available, contactable and responsive through messaging apps.”

How do I get a Facebook bot?

At Chatbot Interactive we are ready to help. Get in touch with us through our contact form, if your company has flirted with the idea and you want to run your thoughts by us. We offer a complete development and setup package, so you don’t have to spend your own development resources. We look forward to hearing from you.

magnoliaWhy does your company need a Facebook bot?

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