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Why reading this article wont help you build better chatbots.

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After launching my bot for Christina Millan, I remembered an age-old wisdom about learning from people:


Bots enable developers to see how users interact with the bot. This is huge.

Christina’s bot has over 75,000 users at the time of this post. So I’ve been doing a lot of observing and taking notes.

However, that’s a lot of users sending messages at once! Every time I check the bots messages, I have to turn off the notifications ASAP.

So if you only have about 100–500 users, that’s good news. That means you can observe in peace.

Sure, it can be helpful to read articles about designing better user experiences, tips for marketing and why bots are going to take over the world.

But nothing matters more than understanding how users interact with YOUR bot.

While reading articles, always remember: Advice is just advice.

Observing is true learning.

I made this article short on purpose.

Stop reading and start observing.


magnoliaWhy reading this article wont help you build better chatbots.

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