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Wish list: Brands, and how I wish they were using bots.

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By M Dorsett, Enterprise Training Guru, LivePerson Inc.

Me having fun with a Snapchat filter

Since I’m already hearing holiday themed greetings and I love getting into the spirit, I thought it would be a good time to put a small wish list together. This gives brands time to implement these ideas before the New Year!

  1. Airlines. Anyone experience a problem with your flight? Yah me too! Wouldn’t it be great if you could message any questions you had about rescheduling, bags, seats, loyalty programs etc? It would be so much faster than standing in line, or the dreaded 1-800 number. The Points Guy, interested to hear if you agree with this. So Delta: I fly with you all the time, love you, but need you to get messaging in the app. Pretty please.
  2. Facebook. Simple request, you have so many bots, can you make a bot that I can talk to, and it will find the best bot for what I need? Or use all the data you’ve been collecting from me to make the populated list that comes up in search, be relevant to me? I know you can do this because you present me with ads on the side for items that I leave in my shopping cart. I would like to be able to ask questions like: which bot is the best to use for finding great restaurants in my area? Hey Yelp do you have a bot? I guess what I’m asking for here is at a minimum, just improve the search. It would also be really cool if I could use bots in messenger with my friends.
  3. Clothing Retailers. Let me tell you, before I started “adulting” and saving money, I loved to shop! The majority of it was online, but part of the shopping experience in stores that makes it fun for me is going with friends. Or sometimes its a friendly associate in the store that really makes my day! This gap between the experience of a brick and mortar vs online is where a bot can make a difference. Imagine you’re shopping online and the website has a bot with their brands personality present. It shops with you making suggestions. Inventory can be so overwhelming online. When I shop in a store, I have access to stylists that find me what I’m looking for, or show me unique gems. Brands can replicate this online and even gamify online shopping by integrating with technology consumers already know, love, and use like bitmoji. People should be able to shop online together. They can message back and forth, purchase items, send gifts, earn badges, discounts, or donation credit to a cause during the experience. How fun would that be, and right in time for the holidays.

Safe to say there is plenty of opportunity! So to echo the wise words of Matt Schlicht get out there and start building. Sidenote: if Apple Pay could be accepted everywhere, that would be great! I’m so over the insert the chip thing. Please & thanks.

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magnoliaWish list: Brands, and how I wish they were using bots.

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